IPhone Under 200 Dollars – Yeah You Read Right Below 200

iPhone Under 200 DollarsGone are the days when purchasing a smartphone was considered as an expensive business. With the progression in the field of mobile technology, now it has become possible to own a smartphone for your pocket.

But, if you are still not satisfied with the smartphone you have and want something extraordinary, in that case we would definitely recommend you to go for an iPhone. But, some of you might have an impression that purchasing an iPhone will shell out every single penny from the wallet. Absolutely not! In the present time, you can easily buy iPhone on 200. Yes, just 200 US dollars!

In fact, you can even get the hottest iPhone 4 at price below $200.

iPhone 4 under 200

There are many ways to get the latest iPhone 4 at $200 or even less than that. All you need to do is look at the right places and bag the deal, but with some precautions. The best way to purchase low price iPhone 4 is right from its manufacturer, i.e. Apple. You must be thinking that how the hell is that possible on the earth! Well, Apple have started to sell refurbished iPhone 4 that are no less than any other set sold at any Apple Store. Refurbished or repaired iPhone works completely fine and even comes with one year warranty from the date of purchase. There is a very high possibility that you might get iPhone 4 below $200.

Low Cost Used iPhone

Apart from purchasing it from Apple Store, you can also think about buying used iPhones. In the online world, there are plenty of sites that allow the users to sell their second hand electronic gadgets, which include the iPhone as well. Even the most reputed online stores deal in used products of Apple. Quite obviously, you have to be very carefully when purchasing used iPhone 4 from any online store.

Precautions before buying iPhone below 200

There is no dearth of people who put their used iPhone on auction. Some of them might even try to allure you by keeping the price as low as 150 bucks! But, before you shell out your money, there are few important points that you must check at any cost. Below are some of them:

• When purchasing anything online, it is not possible to check each and every aspect of the product. But, you can always check the documents related to the product. So, before investing your money on a second hand iPhone, make sure the seller is ready to show the proof of purchase.

• Secondly, always purchase from a reputed online dealer. Reputed and trusted online shopping malls follow very strict procedures when it comes to place any product on auction. So, in that case it becomes quite tough for a seller to deceit the buyer.

iPhone below 200 dollar is not a myth. Still, you should always go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the website.

• When you are purchasing used iPhone from someone you know, make sure you check the screen and batter of the device.

• When purchasing an iPhone below 200, it is always important check the data plan associated with the device.

Are low cost iPhones worth buying?

Well, it completely depends upon what you are looking for. If you are not for high end features like Retina Display, iOS6, and 1 GHz processor, and going for iPhone 3 won’t hurt your needs, then you can definitely go for it.

So, if you are interested in cut-price iPhones for your pocket, we have the best options for you.

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